Revised February 2016


ARTICLE I.  NAME:  Third Dimension


ARTICLE II.  OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSES:  The objectives and purposes of this organization are to work toward creative exploration and excellence in one’s own art discipline, self-growth as a practicing artist and added knowledge of other art forms.  These objectives are to be achieved by association with other artists, critiques of one’s own work and the work of others, guest speakers, workshops, and field trips to museums and galleries.


The success of the Third Dimension depends on the involvement of each member.  It is each member’s responsibility to give of herself/himself to ensure a rewarding association for all.


ARTICLE III.  LOCATION OF ORGANIZATION:  The location of this organization is on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.


ARTICLE IV.  CONSTITUTION:  Changes to the bylaws may be made by the Executive Board of the Third Dimension and voted on by 2/3 of the membership present at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Membership must receive proposed changes to the bylaws in writing at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the changes are presented for voting.




Section 1.  Membership is open to all practicing artists who work in three-dimensional form, with a limit of 35 active members.  Those interested in membership shall be invited to attend a meeting prior to jurying. Prospective members shall submit at least three examples of current work in absentia for jurying by membership vote of those present.   For jurying, photos are acceptable in lieu of large pieces.


Section 2.   All members of this group must be members of the Palos Verdes Art Center.  The membership in PVAC must be kept current.


Section 3.   Membership in Third Dimension is maintained by paying annual dues.  Each active member must attend at least four meetings each year to retain membership.

Each member must serve on a committee, hold an office, provide a service for the benefit of the group or host a meeting at least once every two years.


Section 4.  Members who for various reasons cannot participate in the requirements of membership are asked to drop their membership or to seek a change in status to Associate Membership.


Section 5 A member may request in writing to the president to become an Associate Member after three years of Active membership.  Associate Members pay the same dues as Active Members, are invited to all meetings, field trips, and social events.  Associate members may not sell or exhibit with the Third Dimension group or participate in exhibitions limited to PVAC Artists members. Associate Members may return to active status when space is available with the approval of the Executive Committee.


Section 6. Under extenuating circumstances, a member may petition in writing to the Executive Board for a leave of absence for one year.  The member will still be required to pay dues but will be unable to show or sell with the group. Any other special circumstances will be reviewed by the Executive Board.


Section 7. If any member of the Third Dimension is found to be in violation of the by-laws or refuses to comply with standing rules, the member may be voted out of the group by a 2/3 vote of those members present.


Section 8. Members must have attended at least four meetings in the past 12 months to be eligible to show or sell their works as Third Dimension members.


Section 9.  No member shall receive a fee from the treasury for giving of his/her time or  for giving a program during a meeting or for giving a workshop exclusive to the Third Dimension or for serving as an officer.


Section 10. Each member is entitled to one vote.


Section 11. A Nominating Committee of three people shall be appointed by the president at the March meeting to select a slate of officers and committee chairman for the following year, to be presented at the April meeting and voted on in May.



Any auxiliary group formed from members of the Third Dimension is subject to the bylaws and standing rules of the Third Dimension.



Section 1.  Officers shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.


Section 2.  These officers and the retiring President shall constitute the Executive Board.


Section 3.  Terms of office shall be one year or until successors are elected and installed. They will be elected at the May meeting and assume duties of their officers on July 1. In the event of a vacancy before the term of office is over, the remaining members of the Executive Board may appoint a member to fill the vacancy.


Section 4.  Duties of the officers:

a.The President shall conduct regular Third Dimension meetings and Executive Committee meetings as needed. Before the September General Meeting the President and the Executive Board shall prepare a budget for the year. Additionally, the President shall attend PVAC Artists’ meetings and shall be responsible for fulfilling PVAC Artist officers’ rotations or appointing a Third Dimension member for rotation positions. (See attachment: PVAC Artist rotation schedule) (Appointing Nominating Committee: Article V Section 11) 


b.The Vice President shall act as President in the President’s absence as well as Program Chairman for the meetings. Additionally, the Vice President shall arrange for meeting sites.

c. The Recording Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings and send notification of meetings


d. The Corresponding Secretary shall handle written correspondence as well as get well, condolence and congratulatory notes to members.


e. The Treasurer shall handle all finances and give a brief report at all meetings.



Revised 2016

1.         The Third Dimension shall meet at least 9 times a year.


2.         Annual dues ($20.00) shall be payable on January 1 and shall be delinquent on March 1.


3.         All expenditures over those budgeted must have approval of the Executive Board. 


4.         Committees shall consist of Membership, Exhibitions, Field Trips, Hospitality and Publicity.


5.         Members must seek Executive Board approval before using the Third Dimension’s name for any purpose such as shows, sales, programs or advertising.


6.         Exhibitions and shows or programs representing the Third Dimension must be cleared through the Executive Board.  


7.         Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the basis of parliamentary procedure for The Third Dimension.




                     CHAIR          V. CHAIR        SECRETARY

15-16         Pen.Artists   3-D                    PADA

16-17         3-D                 AOG                 PV Painters

17-18         AOG              PADA              Paletteers

18-19         PADA           PV Painters    PAG

19-20         PV Painters  Paletteers        Pen. Artists

20-21         Paletteers      PAG                 3-D

21-22         PAG               Pen. Artists    AOG