Beverly Holman   Mixed Media

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Buggy Ride

 Mixed Media, made from a dune buggy toy, watch parts, doll wearing hat made from a cake decorator tip, bronze color bird wearing a baseball cap, lots of charms, spinners and springs.



Mixed Media, vintage metal airplane mounted on a brass base, scrabble game letters, light bulb, compasses, spinners, mini light bulbs, electronic parts, misc tools, watch gears, coffee grinder pencil sharpener, vintage doll, wearing a jack hat, monopoly Scottie dog charm, wearing a baseball cap. 


 Ride My Rocket Ship  Mixed Media  Hand made wood base, with a candlestick supporting a cake decorating piece, metal dog at back, monopoly Scottie dog,  and  vintage doll riding on the tip, a metal bird cage with spinner springs, doll wearing a perfume bottle funnel hat, jacks, compasses, metal watch gears, mini pool balls, signs, and metal chain.


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