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Jewelry has been a passion and fascination of mine ever since I can remember.  My inspiration in style and design came from spending hours at museums looking at and admiring Pre-Columbian jewelry.  I started making jewelry when I was a teenager in Costa Rica and have continued crafting my art for the last 40 years.


I work mostly with metals including Precious Metal Clay (PMC), sterling silver, copper and brass.  My signature technic is what I call “metal fretwork.” This is the painstakingly process of hand cutting metals in intricate patterns with a jeweler’s saw in what most people mistake as laser cut.  Some pieces look like fine silver lace.  The blades I use are very delicate making this process VERY challenging and often takes me days to finish each piece. 


Although my is craft is firmly rooted in the creation of unique jewelry I consider myself a creator of mixed-media art.  In addition to my creations in metals I embroider, work with paper and textiles, and love to weave with unique yarns and fibers.  


My process is very organic and all of my art is truly one-of-a-kind.  I don’t draw, design, or plan. Sometimes I dream about a piece or process, and wake up needing to make something related to it.  I never know what will come out in the end.  I just start and see where the journey will take me.