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Weaving and metal may seem like polar opposites. Yet Susan McGehee is a weaver whose favored medium is wire and metal. Her early work was primarily in fiber; increasingly, however, she found herself fascinated by metal's possibilities, especially the way pieces can undulated off the wall.   In 1989 she began weaving with wire as both warp and weft. Gradually fiber became less and less important in her work, and she has never looked back. Today she works exclusively with metals. 


Although her materials are unusual, Susan's wall hangings are woven in traditional methods and patterns on a sixteen-harness dobby loom attached to a computer. The wire forms a surprisingly light and flexible fabric, and after taking it off the loom she forms it into gently curving lengths. The vivid colors of anodized aluminum and copper coated wire combine with these fluid forms to give her wall hangings a bright, playful spirit.

Titan Strata


Susan's second body of work is kimonos created from bronze or stainless steel screening then embellished with scraps of wire from the weavings, electronic odds and ends, and a variety of found treasures.  Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches to almost life size, the pieces have a look and feel of previous centuries even though they use late 20th century recycled materials. 

All the work is one of a kind, she can do pieces that are similar, but they will not be an exact reproduction. Different shapes, colors and surfaces can be combined to create new pieces. Size for a piece can vary from 3 inches to 24 inches wide to 40 feet long.  Greater size can be achieved by combining components of smaller weavings to create a large piece.                                                                                   Carnival Kimono

Commissions comprise the majority of her work; Susan is always willing and delighted to do something new.


Cancun Flow

                                                              Silver Pleats


Entwined Midnight

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