Doc Dave Streeter



I’ve grown up on the Palos Verdes peninsula. Actually starting my education at Lunada Bay elementary school, I took some ceramic classes in high school. I then took 40 years off from artistic endeavors to make my way thru undergrad. school and veterinary medical school at Kansas State university. I practiced at my families vet practice for thirty years then retired to start some old and new hobbies.

For the last six years I’ve tried to renew and restart my interests in ceramics at the Palos Verdes Art Center. I find that for six months I’ll focus on one area and then try something new. For a while every mug or bowl had a face on it. Then I made a number of teapots and now its “cracked pots”.

I enjoy them because they are a very unpredictable in their outcome. They’re a challenge because they are essentially done with one hand after the initial cylinder has been completed. I like their earthy and natural feel and look. I hope that you enjoy them also.